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Who is a Stephen Minister?

Stephen Ministers provide emotional and spiritual support and care to people who are going through a difficult time, such as divorce, grief, hospitalization, unemployment, terminal illness, relocation, chronic illness, or loneliness.  We meet one-on-one with a care receiver and provide a listening ear, a comforting presence, and a spiritual companion.    
In May of 2019, TLC commissioned 10 Stephen Ministers to provide care for those in our community.  They have received over 50 hours of training, and we continue to meet twice a month for continuing education and supervision. We will be training additional Stephen Ministers starting fall of 2020.
To find out more about TLC's Stephen Ministry, talk with one of our leaders: Bob Riley or Becky Woll at : 952-884-2364.


Back row standing (L-R): Pat McMullen, Marilyn Erickson, Nadine Grabanski, Cynthia Williamson, Erin Pommeranz (Stephen Ministry Leader), Dick Haugen, Becky Woll (Stephen Ministry Leader), Al Dungan, Louise Olson. Front, kneeling: Bob Riley (Stephen Ministry Leader), Ben Cherland, Sandy Mullen, Patricia Weichselbaum.

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