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Communications Team

We looking for creative volunteers to form a Communications Team, which will consist of a News Team and a Media Team to help us promote TLC and let our community know what’s happening in our church.

We are forming a News Team to write articles about activities involving TLC. This News Team will meet monthly as part of the Missions and Outreach Ministry Team to develop story objectives to be written and published on various mediums by the Media Team, to include emails, Facebook, Tik Tok, TLC Weekly, community and Synod publications, and etc.

We would like to have 5-7 Lay and Staff members on this News Team and estimate that each member of this team can expect to contribute 3-6 Volunteer Hours each month to attending the monthly planning meetings, write news articles, take photos, create and edit videos, and collaborate with the Media team for publication. This assignment is expected to be fun and provides opportunities to see what’s happening around our church and community. The primary purpose of this team is to generate content for publication by the Media Team.

The Media Team currently consists of volunteers Melissa Klement, our Media Team Lead and Michael Klement, our Webmaster. We would like to add an additional 3-5 people to join help this team to promote TLC on our Facebook page, work with community publications, format articles for publication, as well as add Tik Tok to our communications capability. Each member of this team can expect to contribute 3-6 Volunteer Hours each month.

We plan for these teams to work ahead so that activities and assignments can be accommodated by everyone’s busy lifestyle. Please email me at and indicate the role that you would like to contribute to our communications ministry?

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