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May 5, 2021 Covid Update

Updated: May 25, 2021

The cases/10,000 people in Bloomington is 41 which means:

  • The council is considering changes to the current plan to accommodate church meetings for fully vaccinated groups, to tweak the implementation of weddings/funerals, to expand monthly worship indoors.

  • We are in Phase 2 of our Covid Re-entry Plan (See plan here)

  • In-person, Indoor worship is pushed out to June 13th.

  • All building use for internal and external groups is on hold for now until the numbers are consistently lower

Editor’s note: You may view the daily case count at the following website.

TLC COVID Response Team

  • Brown, Jeanine

  • Erickson, Pete

  • Jorschumb, Steve

  • Millford, Janice

  • Murray, Arthur

  • Olson, Louise

  • Reber, Michelle

  • Reid, Rob

  • Wenge, Karen