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Mental disorders are common, more common than cancer, diabetes, or heart  disease. According to the United States Surgeon General, an estimated 23 percent of American adults (those ages 18 and older)—about 44 million people—and about 20 percent of American children, suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder during a given year.  Source:

The mission of the Mental Health Awareness Ministry Team is to provide support, encouragement, education and acceptance to individuals and their families living with mental illness in a faith-based environment. We  share prayer, friendship, joy and laughter, concerns and sadness, milestone moments and opportunities that have helped us to grow in God's abundant grace.


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Pastoral staff and lay members of TLC’s Mental Health Ministry team are available for one-on-one information and support in a safe, private atmosphere. To set up a personal conversation or for more information call the TLC office at 952.884.2364 or email


God is light, and in him there is no darkness at all.   1 John 1:5


Mental Health Resource List      

All website links verified as of April 2020


  • Mental Health Minnesota - The Voice of Recovery

    • 651.493.6634 or 800.862.1799


    • Mental Health Minnesota serves residents and others concerned about Minnesota residents.

    • The mission of Mental Health Minnesota is to enhance mental health, promote individual empowerment, and increase access to treatment and services for persons with mental illnesses.


  • National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota (NAMI-MN)

    • 800 Transfer Road, #31

    • Saint Paul, MN 55114


    • 651.645.2948

    • 888.626.4435

    • Working to improve the lives of children and adults with mental illness and their families.


  • Mental Health Resources

    • 651.659.2900


    • MHR believes that people with mental illness can lead full lives in the  community. We challenge ourselves and the larger community to address  barriers that inhibit their independence, growth and recovery.


  • National Mental Health Information Center

    • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

    • 877.726.4727


    • Child and adolescent mental health programs and resources for children, adolescents, parents and families.


  • Association for Children’s Mental Health (ACMH)

    • 888.226.4543


    • ACMH provides information, support, resources, referral and advocacy for  children and youth with mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders and  their families


  • U of M Children, Youth & Family Consortium (CYFC)


    • 612.626.3968

    • University of Minnesota

    • For over 20 years, the Children, Youth & Family Consortium (CYFC)  has created programs to bridge gaps between research and practice and  policy. Through our partnerships, we create diverse educational and  community-engaged programs to address pressing health and education  challenges facing children and families.


  • Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE)

    • 800.273.8255

    • Suicide Prevention Resource Center

    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

      • 800.273.8255

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