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There's comfort in knowing you're surrounded by people that care, help, love, and pray for you and your loved ones.  That's what the CARE MINISTRY of TLC is all about, designed to minister to the needs of one or many at every stage of life.  If you need any of the ministries listed below; would like to know more, or are interested in being a part of one, please contact us.

Addiction Awareness Team  
The Addiction Awareness Team serves individuals and families at TLC who are struggling with addiction and living the joy of recovery.  The team provides a forum for sharing thoughts and experiences among members and gather materials to aid members with words of hope.  The team networks with other substance abuse teams in the area to keep abreast of available help.

TLC has been part of organized blood drives through Memorial Blood Centers of Minnesota for over 30 years.  It's a heartwarming and relatively simple way for our congregation to help other people.  Every unit of blood can help up to seven people; it saves lives.

Blood Pressure Check  
(See the Calendar page for specific dates)
On the first Sunday of each month, TLC health care professionals provide blood pressure screening.  This service is private and confidential. The readings are confidential and available for you to share with your health care provider.  Look for the screening in Fellowship Hall from 8:15 to 10am.  

Bloomington-Richfield Grief Support Coalition  
TLC is a member of the coalition that works together to provide support and education for adults who are grieving the death of a loved one.  Guest speakers share their own experience and professional knowledge on grief and loss.  Specially trained facilitators lead the groups.  There are four 8-week sessions scheduled each year.  They meet on Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:00pm at participating congregations.  See for more information.

Care Mail Crafters
The Care Mail Crafters are a group of crafty women designing and creating 70 to 80 greeting cards every month since 2002.  The cards are sent to shut-ins, people who have lost loved ones, and people who need a day brightener.  The cards are a tangible reminder to the recipients that the members of TLC think and care about them.

Communion Ministers  
Communion Ministers bring the gift of communion on a regular basis to shut-ins in their own homes or care facility.  The ministers follow a brief order of service with scripture, prayer, and sharing of communion as they bring an extension of the Table of Grace at TLC to each person they visit.

Health Cabinet  
The TLC Health Cabinet is focused on the healing ministry of the church, seeking ways to reach out to the congregation to support health-related activities.  The cabinet operates on the convictions that body, mind and spirit are all parts of a whole and that people are related to one another as children of God; deriving support and encouragement through community.  The Health Cabinet aspires to involve the entire congregation in a healing ministry, to promote awareness and practice of good health, and to reach people before they are in crisis.

K3P3 Prayer Shawls  
In December 2003 TLC initiated the “K3P3 Prayer Shawl Ministry.”  Care and the love of knitting are combined into a prayerful ministry that reaches out with a handcrafted gift to those in need of comfort and solace as well as the newly baptized.  Each time a knitter picks up their needles, prayers and blessings are included.  As a person knits, prayers are woven into the shawl for the person who will receive it.  (By the way, K3P3 stands for the knitting term: Knit 3, Purl 3.)

Mental Health Awareness  
The Mental Health Awareness team provides support, encouragement, education and acceptance in a faith-based environment.  The group meets monthly for prayer, education and friendship. Members share milestone moments and opportunities that have helped them to grow in God's abundant grace.

Moving On
This group of women is learning to live without a spouse due to death.  They meet to share food, laughter and talk.  They also plan special outings as the “move on” to a new, normal life.

Prayer Chain  
There are many needs in our community and world.  One way that members of TLC respond to these needs is through prayer.  TLC formed a prayer team many years ago; the mission of the group is to pray intercessory prayers on behalf of those in need.  With their permission, we pray from our homes.  We pledge to respect the privacy of the person for whom we pray.  We meet once a year and are always open to new members.

The TLC Quilters have crafted many quilts over the years and donated them to Lutheran World Relief and to local charities to provide warmth and comfort to the recipients.  The members meet every Friday, September thru May at 9:00am.  During the summer months of June, July, and August the quilters meet the first two Fridays of the month.

TLC Walkers  
TLC Walkers are a group of people that (yes, you guessed it) love to walk, plus chat and have coffee together.  People have different speeds of walking; anyone can join and fit right in with those of a matching pace.  The walks themselves take place every Wednesday morning throughout the year.  Walks in local parks are on a planned schedule – if the weather is inclement, walking activity is relocated to Mall of America.  Everyone in this group have an enjoyable time and get great exercise as well.

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