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Remember and Honor Loved Ones No Longer With Us
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Made possible by the TLC Foundation, our Memorial Garden is a private website created for use by TLC members, family & loved ones as a place to honor and remember those who have gone before us. Featuring services from 2010 to 2017, each Saint has a page that may include a photo album montage, a video memorial; audio playback of homily, pdf bulletin and pdf homily text from their funeral service, as well as a place for visitors to write a message, thought, or prayer.
You will need a username and password to access the website. Please contact a family member or TLC for details.

Summer doesn't mean the church is on vacation. TLC is here for you! Remember,  we have Sunday morning worship services at 8:30 and 10:00 a.m., AND Oasis Wednesday services at 6:15 p.m. Plus, you can always "tune-in" to this website and listen "live" to any worship service, Sunday or Wednesday. Just click the [Live] tab on the menu to listen or find out more.

Transfiguration Lutheran Church welcomes all who seek to experience the joy of God’s love and grace. We welcome all because God welcomes all: people of every race, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, and relationship status. Our unity is in Christ. Therefore we walk with each other through addictions, physical and mental illnesses, legal and socio-economic circumstances and other life challenges.
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Communion served at every service. Nursery available at every service.
1st Sunday: 8:30 and 10:00 – Traditional Worship
2nd Sunday: 8:30 – Traditional Worship
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Wednesday Oasis, July 26th, 6:15 pm
Returning Missionary,
Evan Collins preaches at Wednesday Oasis
Come hear Evan share the Gospel at Wednesday night's Oasis service. Evan is freshly back from a year in South Africa where he served as a member of the ELCA's Young Adults in Global Mission. He served as a volunteer within a Lutheran Day Care center and a community music teacher. He's had many fascinating experiences. At TLC you and yours can join others for this family-oriented, intergenerational worship service with a complete liturgy, Holy Communion and music by the TLC Youth Band & Singers.  

RECOVERY YOGA - 7:15 - 8:30 pm Fellowship Hall


Sunday, July 30th  
Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 The Parable of the Mustard Seed; The Parable of the Yeast
8:30 a.m - Traditional Worship
10:00 a.m - Traditional Worship
Communion served at every service. Nursery available at every service.
Hospitality Coffee & Treats throughout the morning in Fellowship Hall.

Wednesday Oasis, August 2  6:15 pm
At TLC you and yours can join others for this family-oriented, intergenerational worship service with a complete liturgy, Holy Communion and music by the TLC Youth Band & Singers.  

RECOVERY YOGA - 7:15 - 8:30 pm Fellowship Hall

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By Pastor Ed Treat
July-August 2017 Message

Jesus prayed a lot. Like all of us, he faced earthly temptation and needed to
stay in constant communion with the Father and the Holy Spirit. For him, prayer was the air he breathed and the food he ate. Essentially, prayer was his life. And if praying was important for Jesus, how much more so for you and me?

In a recent sermon, I said I didn’t understand the mechanics of Jesus’ ascension and subsequent sending of the Holy Spirit. Then I read that very week of some research being done that suggests there just might be a mechanism of some kind at work through prayer.

In the first study, human DNA was isolated in a container and placed near a test subject. They gave the donor emotional stimulus and found the DNA in the container actually physically reacted. The scientists concluded, “Human emotion produces effects which defy conventional laws of physics.”

A different group of scientist took white blood cells and placed them into chambers to measure electrical changes emitted by them. The donors were also subjected to emotional stimulation.

The cells measured electrical impulses in relation to the emotional stimuli’s. In fact, the isolated cells exhibited identical responses at the exact same time as the cells still in the donor. There was no lag time and the peaks and valleys in both the donor and the cells matched exactly.

Wanting to know how far away the sample could be located and still register, they went as far as fifty miles and still experienced no lag time and with identical patterns. The conclusion was that a donor and his DNA can communicate beyond time and space. Perhaps this helps understand how sets of twins can experience similar emotions no matter how far apart.

Finally, in the third experiment light photons were observed inside a vacuum. In a vacuum, the photon locations were completely random. However, when DNA is introduced to the vacuum space the photons organize themselves into the shape and behavior of the DNA. When the DNA responds to emotions, the photons changed shape as well.

The implications of these three studies are truly overwhelming. The obvious and essential conclusion is that human emotion has the power to shape physical reality. I don’t know if this is what is meant when Jesus said that through the Holy Spirit and prayer you can cause things to happen, but I think it makes a pretty good argument. If human emotion, positive thought, and love can actually influence reality, then prayer makes more sense than we ever knew before.

It’s the mystery of the incarnation all over again—God made flesh. However, this time it’s your flesh we are talking about. You have God’s power in your flesh to do God’s work on earth. You have that power and you not only have God’s permission to use it, God insists that you do.

When Jesus was born, the vastness of God descended into human flesh. When the power of God in Jesus ascended into heaven, it expanded into the size of the universe. Then it contracted and descended again, this time in a new form, the Holy Spirit, and it landed in you. Now it’s there, right there in you!
Yes, the power of God is in you. It will expand and grow the more you pray and the more you trust what it can do.

As disciples of Jesus we GATHER in grace, GROW in faith, and GO forth to serve.
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