2021 Online Estimate of Giving Card - Transfiguration Lutheran Church - Bloomington, Minnesota

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Transfiguration Lutheran Church
2021 Estimate of Giving
Online Pledge Card

Our church mission touches many lives and we hope you find it rewarding to be part of our faith community.
Thank you for the gracious support you provide.

For the Mission & Ministry of
Transfiguration Lutheran Church

~The information entered on this form is only accessible by TLC financial administration~
If you are able, we ask you to prayerfully consider letting the church know what you think you might be able to give in the coming year.
Count me in to support TLC's Mission & Ministry with my 2021 estimated giving of:
Per Week
Per Month
Per Year
Please choose below all that apply.
 I prefer not to estimate my giving, but will continue to give as I am able.
 I would like to learn more about electronic giving.
 I have included TLC in my will.
 I will be praying for the success of the program.
Please check that you've correctly filled-out or selected the fields of your choice. When ready, please press the 'Send' button below.
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