Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministry

11000 France Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55431

Position Title:  Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministry

Accountable To: Pastor

Job Summary

  • The Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministry will lead, direct, and renew a dynamic ministry for children, youth, and families that supports the overall mission of Transfiguration Lutheran Church (TLC).

Essential Functions 

  • Work with volunteer leaders to plan, coordinate, and lead Children, Youth and Ministry programs, ensuring that they align with the strategic plan, overall goals, and vision of TLC.  

  • Engage in ongoing relational ministry with young people and their families, maintaining a presence in the larger community and with those disengaged from church. 

  • Recruit and train volunteer leaders for ministry, including (but not limited to) overseeing Sunday School, Confirmation, Peer Ministers, musicians, and program leaders. 

  • Develop regular programs, events, and service opportunities for children, youth, and families during the month. 

  • Support special events like Milestones, Graduation Sunday, Rite of Confirmation, Camp Sunday 

  • Work with volunteer leaders to promote, plan, and lead summer programming for children and youth (community nights, service trips, camps, canoe trips, etc.) including the coordination of any fundraising activities.  

  • Supports the ministry of the ELC by leading regular chapel worship and supporting the work of the ELC/TLC Cooperative Committee.  

  • Develop and monitor an annual budget for CYF Ministry. 

  • Regularly attend and participate in TLC staff meetings, retreats. 

  • Participate in ministry continuing education and networking opportunities 

Collaborative Functions 

  • Work closely with TLC pastors and staff to create, plan, and implement the Sunday School and Confirmation program, including regular coordination with learning, worship, service, and retreat opportunities. 

  • Work closely with the TLC CYF Support Team to imagine, plan, and implement ministry with the help of committed volunteer leaders 

  • Maintain regular communication and a ministry of presence with families. 

  • Collaborate with staff and volunteers for larger events, milestones, transitional ministry between Children’s and Youth and Family Ministry 

  • Work with the administrative staff to advocate for the promotion of the CYF ministry program through available media including E-news, bulletins, email, and social media 

Core Competencies 

  • Mission Ownership: Understands and fully supports the mission, vision, and beliefs of Transfiguration Lutheran Church, and can consistently demonstrate those core values to others through word and deed.  

  • Compassion and Care: Exudes a spirit of care and compassion to young people and their families, offering them a ministry of presence and support. Possesses a natural affinity for young people and their families, a clear understanding of children and youth culture and family systems, and a maturity of judgment in personal life and values.  Leadership Development: Cultivates a culture of support for CYF ministry across the wider congregation by building upon a base of supportive adult leaders and volunteers within the congregation. Committed to developing emerging youth leaders, encouraging them to take leadership roles in the church and wider community. 

  • Creativity and Innovation: Curious about new and innovative ways for engaging young people in their faith at TLC and in the wider community. Not afraid to take risks and experiment with fresh approaches for doing ministry, attentive to the gifts and creativity of others; demonstrating good judgment about what ideas and suggestions will work, and imagines a inclusive congregational approach to engaging children and youth on their faith journey. 

  • Effective Communicator: Consistently and carefully communicates ministry opportunities and programs to young people, their families, and the wider congregation in both written and verbal form. Communicates in a spirit of joy and enthusiasm, sharing with all the vision of TLC and its CYF ministry program. Deliberately reaches out to all TLC and its families, striving for the inclusion of all families in TLC’s youth ministry.