TLC Church Council 2018 - Transfiguration Lutheran Church - Bloomington, Minnesota

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TLC Church Council 2018

TLC Church Council

I have been a member of TLC since 2008 when I joined with my family. Since then, I have worked closely with the Youth Ministries and with the music ministries. In summer of 2016 I left to serve as a member of the ELCA’s Young Adults in Global Missions program. I served in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, learning many new things about the Lutheran Church in a global perspective. I would like to serve on the TLC Council to better understand how our church works and to learn new ways in which we can continue to grow as a congregation at TLC.

TLC Church Council

What brought you here?
My wife and I joined TLC in 1977 after our second son was born and we wanted to have him baptized.  [Then Senior] Pastor Anderson visited us in our home and we did not look beyond TLC for a church home.
What do you like most about this church?
Two things stand out for me; the many amazing people at TLC, both staff and congregation. The second thing is that I have never attended a service at TLC without something positive to take away from it.
What is your hope for the church?
My hope is that TLC will grow, that more people will experience the experiences of church membership and that the church will serve more people in the community.

TLC Church Council

What brought you here?
My husband and I returned to this area two years ago to be closer to family.  For months I visited several Lutheran and Episcopal churches close to where we live -- most of them only once or twice.  I kept returning to TLC and realized this was where I belonged.  I officially joined in May 2015.
What do you like most about this church?
I can't limit to what I like most.  I felt welcome here from the first time I came.  I worship best at the 9:30 service with its ritual and music and I was looking for that when visiting churches.  I love singing in the choir.  I value the statement of inclusiveness.
What is your hope for the church?
With God's help and the participation of all in this faith community, we will continue to "gather in grace, grow in faith, and go forth to serve."

TLC Church Council

I have been a member of TLC for over 30 years. My husband, Jamie, has also been a life-long member. We have three kids - Bennett, Annabel, and Juliette - who are actively involved in TLC through music, Sunday School, and Confirmation. We are strong supporters of the Early Learning Center where our children have attended daycare and the Kinder Plus program. I am a 7th grade Social Studies teacher at Oak Grove Middle School and am involved in my kid's activities and sports within the community. My goal for TLC would be to grow our youth programs for all ages.

TLC Church Council

What brought you here?
I was married here in 1979. We moved our family to Bloomington in 1993 and became members at that time.
What do you like most about this church?
The Praise and Worship team and the music we make. It  touches my soul. I have developed many friends in the congregation, and  they have helped me through some difficult times.
What is your hope for the church?
My hope is that: We can continue to grow and prosper; we  will celebrate our successes and directly face challenges as they occur;  and we will unite as a group to be part of the ongoing solution for  serving TLC and God’s work.

TLC Church Council

I became a member in 2005 after my daughter Laura attended the Early Learning Center; and we missed the friends we had made here. After my husband Paul and I were married in 2011, we attended some other churches, but ended up back at TLC after Elaina was born. Over the years, I have been invoked in teaching Sunday School, attending family camp, and being part of the Women’s Cafe Group. I am honored to serve on the Church council. I feel that having both a 16-year old and a 6-year old, as well as witnessing the changes over those years, has given me a unique perspective to serve TLC in moving forward and maintaining the wonderful community our family has found here.

TLC Church Council

My family; Abby, Griffin, Grayson, and I have been members of Transfiguration for just about a year and we are fortunate to have found such a welcoming new home. I am excited to get involved with some of the small groups at Transfiguration and would be honored to be a part of the church council.
Growing up I was involved with many programs through Mount Olivet Lutheran Church. For example, I worked at their summer camp, youth center, and various out-reach programs.
My professional experience is primarily in Education and Business. I currently work in Labor Planning at Best Buy Corporation and previously spent 4 years in Accounting.

TLC Church Council

My late husband Jim, son Paul and I joined TLC 12 years ago.  We were looking for a church in our community that was welcoming with a meaningful Sunday morning worship service and Sunday School. We found much more and have grown into the church and it’s many areas of service. Through our involvement we have met and served with many wonderful members. What I like most about our church is the people, staff and members who continue to grow in faith sharing their talents and resources. My hope for our church is that we continue to reach out to build a spirit filled diverse faith family and community. .

TLC Church Council

I grew up in Bloomington and joined TLC in 2008 with my kids, Kipling & Anton. In 2009, Renee, "encouraged" me to assist with Sunday School. I have enjoyed co-teaching the 4 year old class ever since! I truly love the community of TLC and quickly felt at home here! It is the first church I have ever felt relaxed in! I have had the op-portunity to participate with TLC and going to Feed My Starving Children along with volunteering with God's Work Our Hands! In 2015, I was fortunate to participate at Luther Dell Camp with Anton & Kong, my son and one of my International Students (from Thailand). We had so much fun providing service for the camp! And it was a remarkably beautiful place with bald eagles flying overhead!
I have been a Veterinarian for over 20 years and currently work about 3/4 time. I am currently pursuing a certification in Animal Hospice and Palliative Care. This is a new direction the field is entering. My practice will soon be launching an extensive Animal Hospice program within the Twin Cities!
Our family enjoys hosting International Students and learning about other cultures. We have a busy household, but enjoy what each day brings!

What is a church council?
The church council is made up of adult members of the church who have been elected by the congregation to guide the parish for the year, and make plans for the future.

What does the council do?
The council is guided by our constitution and is responsible for specific areas of church life, such as Worship, Education, Evangelism, Fellowship, Property, Public Relations, Social Concerns, Stewardship and Youth. The members deliberate, make decisions about the policies, practices and plans for the future of our church.

What qualifications do council members have?
Council members are male or female baptized Christians instructed in the Christian faith and committed to being disciples of Jesus Christ. They are men and women of prayer, students of the Bible and active members of their church in good standing, regular in worship, supporting their congregation, willing to give of their time and talent for the mission of the church. They are elected by their fellow church members to serve for two years,

What are council members expected to do?
Each council member is the director of his or her area of responsibility as described in the bylaws of the constitution.  

Council members are encouraged to seek other church members to serve on committees and task forces assisting in on going or special projects. Some are directly involved in the work for which they are responsible, such as boards of Fellowship, Properties and Youth. Others are indirectly involved in their charge, such as Education, Stewardship or Worship.

The council is responsible for the annual meeting of the congregation. It is here that church members elect the council members, hear the state of their church, the council's plans for the future and vote on the proposed programs and budget for the coming year.

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