TLC Church Council 2020 - Transfiguration Lutheran Church - Bloomington, Minnesota

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TLC Church Council

My wife Karen and I joined TLC in 1997 when we moved to Bloomington. We felt welcomed from day one and the music talent was and still is amazing. Both of our kids, Emily and Colby, were baptized and confirmed here. Over the years I have been a Sunday school teacher, a Lenten mentor, a member of the personnel committee, and chaperoned two mission trips. I was to be the token male on a third mission trip but came down with pneumonia just before the trip. This church has great people and does great things and I would like to serve on the church council to help us continue to do these things and help find ways to draw more families into our church community.

TLC Church Council

Melissa Klement has been attending TLC since 2014 with her husband (Mike) and two children Max (2nd grade) and Bella (Kindergarten). During this time, Melissa has enjoyed assisting and participating in small groups and events including the TLC Women's Café small group, the Women's Retreat, the Neighborhood Block Party, and most recently becoming an interim member of Church Council since December 2020, due to a vacant seat. Her children enjoy attending Sunday School and the time they spent at the Early Learning Center. It’s been a pleasure to serve in the interim role on council with this wonderful group, and Melissa is hoping to continue using her gifts to give back and serve the church her family calls home.

TLC Church Council

I became a member in 2005 after my daughter Laura attended the Early Learning Center; and we missed the friends we had made here. After my husband Paul and I were married in 2011, we attended some other churches, but ended up back at TLC after Elaina was born. Over the years, I have been invoked in teaching Sunday School, attending family camp, and being part of the Women’s Cafe Group. I am honored to serve on the Church council. I feel that having both a 16-year old and a 6-year old, as well as witnessing the changes over those years, has given me a unique perspective to serve TLC in moving forward and maintaining the wonderful community our family has found here.

TLC Church Council

My husband Quyen and I, along with our boys Nate and Nolan, have been members of TLC for about 10 years. We transferred to TLC from another community when our boys were younger because we wanted them to go to church with friends they also went to school with. We felt a warm welcome and the comfort of “home” from that first visit, and the boys have definitely been blessed by the nurturing, supportive youth and Confirmation programs. I am a 3rd grade teacher at Ridgeview Elementary in Bloomington, and I have been very involved with our sons’ sports and activities within the community. I also love nature, reading, running with our Labrador, and nurturing my faith with our small group. I feel honored to serve TLC’s inclusive community and look forward to participating in it and supporting God’s work.

TLC Church Council

I have been a member of TLC since November of 1993. Over the years I’ve done a few things like teaching Confirmation for 18 years, am on the usher team along with communion assistant. I am also in some small groups like Guys for God and Women in Ministry, Addiction and Awareness Team and a small group bible study, along with the golf league and past member of the softball team. I have also been on the Capital Campaign team. I am one of the first on Michelle’s call list for volunteering, mainly because I have a hard time saying no.

TLC Church Council

I have been a member of TLC for over 40 years, so in my case, that would be a life-time member.  My parents, Don and Margaret Mattson, became members of TLC in 1962.  I was baptized, confirmed, and married at Transfiguration.  My wife and her family became members about 14 years ago.  Our teenage children, Taylor and Drew, went to daycare at the Early Learning Center for most of their school-age years.  I have been a part of the Brass Choir, the Renovation Work Group, the Strategic Planning Team, and head chef of the Sunday morning donut crew (does anyone even remember that?). I am excited to join this leadership team and be able to add my voice for the future, while remembering the past.

TLC Church Council

I am a Bloomington native. My parents moved here in January 1961. Except for some time out of the country and living around the Cities, I have always lived in this city and have watched it grow and change. My husband loves living here. He was actually the one who really wanted to stay! We have two grown sons, one lives here and one in FL. Dave and I now live in a townhouse across from the Masonic Home and are enjoying the less busy life of retirement. I am a fairly new member of TLC, about 18 months now. I knew several families who attended the church and felt very much at home here. I think I have been warmly welcomed. I am retired now and prior to COVID, was looking forward to being more involved in the Church. I joined the Welcome Diversity group first because I’ve known Sandy Mullen since about 2004. I volunteered to take on the Small Group leadership when Renee left and due to that, I am on the COVID response team and Strategic Leadership team.
I recently joined the Racial Justice group as well. I think an informed community led by faithful council members brings vitality and interest to the Church as a whole. I am honored to serve on the Council.

TLC Church Council

I was born in China during the 1949 communist revolution and emigrated to the US with my parents when I was 8 yrs old. I grew up in Alexandria, Va and graduated from Virginia Tech as an Aerospace Engineer. Following graduation, I served in the US Air Force as an instructor pilot and as a project manager on the Space Shuttle Program. Anita and I married in California and were active with our son, Eric, in Boy Scouts and marching band. I currently telework as a consultant for the USAF in CA and enjoy flying, building model planes, and volunteer at Wings of the North Air Museum. We’ve been in Bloomington and members of TLC for almost 5 yrs now and are enjoying Minnesota. I’m looking forward to serving on council supporting our church mission and getting to know all of you.

TLC Church Council

Transfiguration Lutheran Church has been a part of my family’s and my own faith history since 1957, when the church was organized under Pastor Franklin Swanson.  I was privileged to be part of the very first Confirmation Class.  While my life’s journey has taken me to various other Lutheran churches, when I moved back to Bloomington in 2017, I knew my church home would be TLC.  My career has been in Secondary Education and Hospice management. Both those career paths offered opportunity for service and growth in my faith. I currently serve as a Stephen Ministry Leader, lector and communion minister. I would be honored to serve on the church council to not only acknowledge my gratitude for my past association, but also to be part of the present and future growth of the community of believers that is Transfiguration Lutheran Church.

What is a church council?
The church council is made up of adult members of the church who have been elected by the congregation to guide the parish for the year, and make plans for the future.

What does the council do?
The council is guided by our constitution and is responsible for specific areas of church life, such as Worship, Education, Evangelism, Fellowship, Property, Public Relations, Social Concerns, Stewardship and Youth. The members deliberate, make decisions about the policies, practices and plans for the future of our church.

What qualifications do council members have?
Council members are male or female baptized Christians instructed in the Christian faith and committed to being disciples of Jesus Christ. They are men and women of prayer, students of the Bible and active members of their church in good standing, regular in worship, supporting their congregation, willing to give of their time and talent for the mission of the church. They are elected by their fellow church members to serve for two years,

What are council members expected to do?
Each council member is the director of his or her area of responsibility as described in the bylaws of the constitution.  

Council members are encouraged to seek other church members to serve on committees and task forces assisting in on going or special projects. Some are directly involved in the work for which they are responsible, such as boards of Fellowship, Properties and Youth. Others are indirectly involved in their charge, such as Education, Stewardship or Worship.

The council is responsible for the annual meeting of the congregation. It is here that church members elect the council members, hear the state of their church, the council's plans for the future and vote on the proposed programs and budget for the coming year.

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