Journey with Jesus Capital Campaign 2019 Update - Transfiguration Lutheran Church - Bloomington, Minnesota

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Journey with Jesus Capital Campaign 2019 Update

July 1, 2019

Dear Members of Transfiguration:

We have reached the end of the first two years of our five-year Journey with Jesus capital campaign.
THANK YOU from the campaign committee to the 230 households who have supported the campaign with pledges and contributions!
As you may recall, the Journey with Jesus campaign is designated two-thirds towards the mortgage and building maintenance and one-third towards ministry growth. Highlights of some of the faithful ministry growth made possible through this campaign include:
  • A full-time Youth and Family Minister was hired (Ben Cherland, August 2017)
  • Online streaming of worship was established (December 2017)
  • Ten Stephen Ministers have been trained (commissioned May 2019)
  • A Community Health Minister has been hired (Erin Pommeranz, May 2019)
  • Center for Changing Lives, Liberia provides education for Ebola and AIDS orphans (ongoing)

Without your faithful support through the guiding of the Holy Spirit, none of this would have been possible. Again, THANK YOU!!!

As we move into the third year of the campaign, the committee is looking for ways to move closer to the original goal of $2,425,000. Receipts to date are as follows:

                                                                          2017            2018                2019 (6 mo.)     Total to Date
A. Capital Campaign Receipts                         293,130       318,483           114,617                 726,230
B. Capital Campaign Expenditures                  284,402       274,733           130,436                 689,571
Net Capital Campaign Income A - B                    8,728         43,750            (15,819)                  36,659

Currently we have some exceptional building maintenance costs (mostly due to our aging heating system) which are exceeding the budget for this year.  These expenses need to be paid by the capital campaign so they will be covered by funds previously allocated to additional mortgage principal payments for 2019 should we not receive new additional pledges or special gifts this calendar year.

If you are a TLC member who has not pledged or contributed to the Journey with Jesus campaign, or if you would like to make an additional pledge, please consider doing so if you are able. If you wish to make a pledge, please contact Michelle Reber, church administrator, at or by calling the church office. If you would like to visit with a member of the capital campaign team, please contact Dick Haugen at 651-775-7519.

Thank you from The Journey with Jesus Capital Campaign Team – Marilyn Erickson, Dick Haugen, Pastor Arthur Murray, Jerry Olson, Sandy Stooke, Ingrid Swanson, Keith Swanson, Kim Smits
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