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Addiction and Faith - Recovery Ministry

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The First Conference
For Congregations, Clergy, & Care Givers.
The 2018 Addiction & Faith Conference held in Bloomington, MN September, 2018 was designed out of an urgent need for congregations, clergy and care givers to address addiction in every form, including the current opioid problem, that is ravaging our world. ​
This web page is designed as a followup and continuation of the program into 2019 and beyond.
TLC Members Attending the 2018 Addiction & Faith Conference
Standing LtoR: Herb Bolin, Bob Taylor, Louise Olson, Zac Schnedler, Jenn Herron, Arthur Murray, Laura Thelander, Karen Treat, Ed Treat, Patti Weichselbaum, Al Dungan. Seated: Nora Beall, Linda Meyer
A letter of thanks from the FRLC to Transfiguration
Fellowship of Recovering Lutheran Clergy
               “…forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases” Psalm 103:3

Beth Mercer, Church Council President   
Transfiguration Lutheran Church
11000 France Avenue So.    
Bloomington MN 55431

October 1, 2018

Dear Friends in Christ,

   We want to take this opportunity to share our deep gratitude and appreciation for your partnership with us, the members of the Fellowship of Recovering Lutheran Clergy (FRLC). Our Fellowship shared in the leadership of the first Addiction and Faith Conference in Bloomington this past weekend.   Over 200 participants, clergy and lay, professionals and folks from the recovery community, came together from across the country to seek ways to address the challenges of addiction, and its impact on our congregations and communities. The Conference unleashed amazing energy and hope for so many; it has filled our group with a renewed sense of purpose and urgency for our mission to support clergy in recovery.  

    None of this would have happened without the vision, leadership, and effort of your pastors, Ed Treat and Arthur Murray.  Thank you for your supporting and upholding them in this work sharing the healing power God brings in the gift of recovery.  Through them, you are sharing the Gospel’s promise of new life and hope. We are blessed to have them as colleagues, friends, and partners in this work.

    Our prayer for you is that Transfiguration Church will continue in the power of God’s Holy Spirit, as your faithful and fearless commitment to those seeking the gift of recovery has shown.  You have truly blessed us.

The Fellowship of Recovering Lutheran Clergy

Rev. David Connor, Lakewood, Ohio
Rev. Tom Martin, Kensett, IA
Rev. Dan Gibson, Torrence, CA
Rev. Dorothy Sandahl, Hastings, MN
Rev. Robert Nedbalek, Deer Lodge, MT
Rev. Kenneth Rutherford,  E Wareham, MA
Rev. Roger W. Griffiths, Jr., West Seneca, NY
Seth Rumage, awaiting first call, E WA ID Synod
Rev. Beth Walch, Bismarck ND
Rev. Al Dungan (ret.), Edina, MN
Rev. Gretchen Enoch, Fergus Falls, MN
Rev. Melanie Martin-Dent, Polson, MT

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