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Dear TLC Friends and Family,    
At our Annual Meeting on January 31, a sincere and faithful question was raised: is it possible for us, the TLC community, to do more for those in need? After all, TLC has a long history of generosity through a large variety of ministry partners and community organizations. Generosity and service are core to who we are.

In the current economic climate, many are hurting. TLC members have lost employment, retired early, or have given up employment to care for children at home during the pandemic. Due in part to this financial uncertainty, our proposed (and as of Jan 31, approved) 2021 church budget is bare bones. Even so, as of December 31, pledged commitments for 2021 did not allow us to present a balanced budget. Thankfully, in January we received another forgive-able federal loan, allowing us to present a balanced budget at the Annual Meeting without cutting staff. Thanks be to God!

Which leads us back to the question and the reason for this letter: seeing as God has sufficiently provided for our internal needs for 2021, are we called to do more for those in greatest need?

The TLC member who raised this question, John Thomson, has presented us with a challenge. John believes so strongly in the responsibility of Christians to care for those in need, that he is offering to match all funds committed to Mission and Outreach (also known as Benevolence) by April 1, 2021 up to the amount of $30,000. This could lead to an additional commitment of $60,000 or more in benevolence giving in 2021.

All of these funds will be designated for ministry partners beyond the doors of TLC, including ministry partners we have supported in the past. You will also have the opportunity to suggest new ministry partners along with your commitment. The Mission and Outreach Team will consider both past partners and possible future partners and will make a recommendation to the Council at the April meeting as to how the funds might best be allocated.

If you are able to join this effort responding to Christ’s invitation to love our neighbors as ourselves, please click on the button below to complete the Pledge Form before April 1, 2021. If you have any preference as to how those funds are to be allocated, there is a check-list on the form of programs that have been involved with TLC in the past. Your input will help inform the recommendations of the Mission and Outreach Team.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the pastors office@tlcmn.com, or Steve Jorschumb Council@tlcmn.com. If you are interested in joining the Mission and Outreach Team, please contact Jordan Zahrte at jzahrte@tlcmn.com. Thank you for your prayers and for your participation in the ministry of Transfiguration Lutheran Church.

Your TLC Church Council, Financial Team, Mission and Outreach Team and Pastors
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