A word from Barb Wigstadt, TLC Early Learning Center (ELC) - Transfiguration Lutheran Church - Bloomington, Minnesota

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A word from Barb Wigstadt, TLC Early Learning Center (ELC)

November 2018 - Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a wonderful time for children to learn about the traditions and values that are cherished parts of their family’s lives. Take the time to establish and renew these traditions with your family.

Openings in the Duck Tail Room
Haven’t you always wanted to be a Duck Tail?  What’s that, you ask?  It’s the right class for children who were born in 2014.
Our Duck Tail class focuses on preparing the children for Kindergarten by learning letters, letter sounds, numbers and shapes.  The Duck Tail class also focuses on self-help and social skills.  They take 2-4 field trips each month along with having a special science class that comes to the center monthly, dance weekly and twice a month worship services.  We have openings in our Duck Tail class and you are the best person to tell your friends about this wonderful opportunity for their 4 year old child.
Employment Opportunities
TLC-ELC is still looking for a full-time or part-time teacher .  We are also looking for a couple of hard working and fun high schoolers to join our team.  Please call Karen Wenge at 952-884-7955.
Playground Update
We started raising money for an upgrade on the playground over one and a half years ago.  We’ve had a frustrating summer trying to find someone who would take on the repairs to the fence and the landscaping ties.  We are now hopeful that we have found the companies who will make these basic improvements.  Due to the lateness in the season, this work will be done next spring. The work we want to do on the sandbox side goes way beyond cosmetic and will require a great deal more money to be raised.  We will be working on this in the upcoming years.
Holiday Gift Giving
Remember that the ELC is selling SCRIP gift cards that make wonderful Christmas gifts (co-workers, teachers, coaches, hairdressers,  people who you don’t know what to give them).  SCRIP cards are also very helpful in purchasing food needed for your Thanksgiving dinner.  We are selling SCRIP cards through the church on Sundays from mid-November through mid-December.  Another way to access scrip is on-line.  If you want more information about this, please call the ELC (952-884-7955) and we can walk you through this.  We also have SCRIP cards on hand, you can call to see if we have what you need and then stop by to pick it up. Thank you for your support.
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